Butterfly in Sand

A growing amount of money is being raised for charity in Milorad's memory. To date (3rd June 2013) it totals £539.25.

Milorad asked for donations in lieu of flowers at his funeral and a total of: £175.00 was collected and given to Birmingham St Mary's Hospice.

A further amount currently totalling £51.25 has been raised by giving some of Milorad's personal effects to the Birmingham St Mary's Hospice charity shop.

Nine Arches Press have kindly donate a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Milorad's posthumous publication Moses Rod . So far, this amounts to £100.00.

Donations received at the launch of Moses Rod on 3rd March 2012, added a further £43.73.

I have also set up a butterfly fund at the hospice. It is called Milorad K Butterfly in Sand because it is a 'butterfly fund' and because Milorad so loved the image of the seashell that looked like a butterfly and was inspired to write about it. It seemed fitting to name the fund after something that meant a lot to him.

To donate online go to Just Giving. here is the link:

Or you can contact the hospice quoting the reference number 70027 to ensure that your donation is paid into that fund. Cheques made payable to Birmingham St Mary's Hospice and with a covering note quoting the reference number can be posted to: Birmingham St Mary's Hospice, 176, Raddlebarn Road, Selly Park, Birmingham B29 7DA.

Although Milorad was cared for at the Edgbaston Beaumont nursing home, his care was supervised by the hospice who advised both the home and the GP on appropriate care and treatment.

A heartfelt thank you for any contributions you feel able to make in Milorad's memory. It's good to be able to do something in return for the support the hospice gave us both.