Sunday, 16 October 2011

Making Waves

As we move through life we leave a wake. Some of us make waves but Misho’s wake spread wider and wider because he had a great capacity to make friends – friends who stayed in contact. His special capacity was to introduce friends to other friends with the result that many benefited. Cathy and I have many friends today both here and in Croatia which we would never have met without Misho’s wake crossing and re-crossing others in all directions. During his last illness these friends became a great support, strength and encouragement not only to Misho but also to Cathy (in particular) and myself and also many for each other.
When Cathy and I were in Croatia on holiday a few years ago we were up early one bright clear morning and went down to the seafront. The sea was an absolute mirror of blue, not a ripple. Then one little fishing boat came chugging round the point and across the view its wake came to us , disturbing the water for the first time that day and it also widened out to reach the further shore a mile away and then rebounded and interwove , it was clear to see, with more waves from the wake coming in again. Often we don’t see this in life but in Misho’s case it is clearer. He boat has carried on round the further point but the friendships and influences will go on bobbing up and down and to and fro nudging each other and disturbing the gulls, rocking memories, setting off other interactions, as all good poems and writings do to those who read them again and again.

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  1. This reminds me of Roi Kwabena, like Misho a founder member of Writers Without Borders. His writing and his influence sent ripples round the world. Wonderful how two different personalities share this ability.