Saturday, 29 October 2011

Seagulls, by David Hart

David writes that his poem Seagulls appears in the current edition of Modern Poetry in Translation and the following is his note which appears in that edition:
"Milorad Krystanovich came to Birmingham from Croatia in 1992, from the upheaval in that part of Europe, and after a few years made the transition from making poems in Croatian to writing and publishing in English. His latest is Improvising Memory (Nine Arches Press 2010). In recent years he has been in less than good health, and as a gift I had the idea of a poem of a meeting of gulls from his birthplace and from my own. The words were put into Welsh by someone I was at school with, Helen Wallis, for which thank you; the Croatian is by Milorad, and I am grateful to his close friends Cathy Perry and Martin Underwood for enabling the process."
To read the poem, go to the Poems page on this site.

Posted on behalf of David Hart

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  1. I love this poem but I want to actually hear it, with the accents! What are the chances of an audio version, I wonder?