Sunday, 6 November 2011


For me it was a surprise to discover that Milorad was one of those special people. I don't meet them too often in my life. People whose presence has the power to take me into a different zone. I found this especially after he became ill. Sometimes speaking slowly about small things he seemed to be helping me reach a deeper connection with the world and with myself. And strangely, I felt he knew he was doing this.

I remember driving him back to Harborne one night. Before we set off, he put on a coat and pulled on a cap. Glancing at him in the car, I saw the cap had changed his appearance. He seemed experienced in struggle and quietly sure of the value of comradeship. The streets were also altered. Darker and more poetic - reminding me of how I had sometimes felt in the past, walking at night in Belgrade.

Do videnja - he said to me, at the end of the journey.
- Nick

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